My love,

You flow like a river
Through mountains and valleys
That come to life to feel you pass
Whispering your sparkling joy
And spreading love across
This barren lands of rock
Yearning for ages and ages
For your prosper arrival.

See you dance in waves
I see how you yearned as much
Since the day, O love,
This one entangled soul
Stretched off apart
To a different path in time
Enclosed by the same thread of love
That enclosed you too.


‘Enough I’ve known’, my heart floats with glee,
‘No more there is’, my head bloats with pride,
Hasty I’ve become and unwise, and airy,
Too much for a toddler learning to walk still
A place bereft, where broken hopes and dreams
Lay spread, scattered here and there, everywhere in vanity,
Reveals itself more, and more as I slide deep
Deeper and deeper into the depths of solitude.

From cloud nine to over the moon I ascend
Drinking and dancing, flirting and singing
Imbued with all sweet cravings of pleasure
Yes! my fruits of all my success, all breeds
From all seeds that grew inside my brain,
My brain! Yes! that grows and reaps
Like the solitary reaper that sings to me
To go wander and respite, and rest forever.

The brain now lost, trapped inside ashes
It rests, breathes, the blessing in disguise it feels,
Haunted by the holy it rises, enlightened by flames it flees,
Great sages and saints of past countless it sees,
Dead and decaying endeavors consumed by me
The me, the I, the my, the mine,
The mind, not my, my friend, my foe
So wicked, so wild, my spirit, it’s so.


dark matter

The path of darkness
Inside the emptiness within
Stretching outwards constantly
In pursuit of nothingness,
An infinite void
Of voids between spaces
With boundaries undefined
Keeps binded all together
And beholds no secrets
As dissolves self eternally
Into a bottomless pit of despair
That engulfs all knowledge.

Ode to Frequency

joseph fourier
There it goes
The ugly time domain;
Filled with spikes
And mundane curves
That look like shards on a dusty floor;
That come from a china,
That from a mistress in France –
Clumsy and distressed.
He looks so polluted,
The Mr. Time Domain.

His look so polluted,
Vexes Mr. Fourier,
As he sips on his coffee
Recollecting the pictures on the wall
And how badly he had startled
Hearing the strident cry of help,
As the china touched the floor,
Full of spikes and mundane curves
Crying to be smoothened,
Crying to be transformed,
Into the frequency domain.

Sweet Enigma

15057131970_fb2d1c416f_b (1)

It takes me back.
A deeply rooted melody,
Entangled with the past and
Ingrained inside the holy heart,
Conjures a grand retrospection;
Shuffles slide after slide
Of vivid memories that swarm
And petrify the poor mind.
As I traverse with no soul,
I smell the air filled with crops;
I smell the joy and the rain;
I sense the sun set by the warmth;
I relive everything again.

A Time Traveler

Deep into your thoughts,
Into the beautiful symphony of the millivolts,
Into the ethereal domain.
Whatever it is,
Whatever mystery or myth.
Not driven by motive but desire.
A desire from your free will.
Perhaps your brainchild.
No motivation.
Not needed.
For a time traveler about to hit the clock.
Good morning. Already.

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